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May 18, 2022

WealthWellnessWednesday with Vanessa Nixon - 05.18.22

WealthWellnessWednesday with Vanessa Nixon - 05.18.22
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TwoSistas and it's WealthWellnessWednesday with Vanessa Nixon!  As a Traditional Naturopath, CEO of the natural cosmetics company, Natural Look Mineral Make-Up and Professional Belly Dance Instructor, Vanessa loves helping empower women to thrive during the spiritual initiation of their menopausal journey, through natural health, natural movement and natural beauty.

After suffering from a cycle of chronic illness for several years, Vanessa was, as she puts it, always sick and tired.  From getting a cold, the cold turning into bronchitis, and on a round of antibiotics, she was always ill.  Fast forward to her early 20's and she was advised to take a daily regimen of antibiotics.  It wasn't until a friend asked her "is it helping" where her life changed dramatically.  Her friend suggested going to an herbalist and her life, figuratively took off from there.

She started to feel better, literally within 2 weeks from taking the herbal supplementation prescribed to her.  She went on to study and earn her degree in herbal remedies but it wasn't until she really looked further within and was even more curious on how the products we use and the daily things that we ingest where she was intrigued to research and learn more.  She ended up starting her own soap, skin care line, etc.  She certainly didn't stop there and ended up creating her own line of all natural mineral line of cosmetics! 

She gave us so many insights on what to look for, how to read labels and the types of products she uses in her line of cosmetics which are organic and all natural minerals.  Listen in as she gives such valuable information!  

To learn more about Vanessa's all natural cosmetic line, please visit her website at:


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