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Jan. 12, 2022

WealthWellnessWednesday with Cindy Vallone - 01.12.22

WealthWellnessWednesday with Cindy Vallone - 01.12.22
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TwoSistas, and it's WealthWellnessWednesday with Cindy Vallone!  Cindy is an Independent Wellness Advocate with doTERRA essential oils.  She began to utilize essential oils about 5 years ago because as she was suffering from chronic migraines and was tired of all of the negative side-effects of prescription drugs. She was amazed at how quickly Peppermint essential oil helped her with her migraines and from there, started to explore other oils and doTERRA's 'everyday' toxin-free products.  As Cindy described, essential oils (nature's medicine) has helped her family with everything from: head tension, earaches, stress, sleep, anxious feelings, boosting our immunity, relief from muscle aches, and supporting their respiratory and digestive systems.  They act as their 1st line of defense and as she stated, doTerra's motto "changing the world one drop at a time".

Cindy and her family are also involved with the non-profit, Guide Dogs for the Blind.  They often attend puppy school with their fostered dog!  (What an amazing organization!)

For further information on how to connect with Cindy and learn more about essential oils, please visit her website:


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