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July 14, 2021

Wealth Wellness Wednesday w/Dr Paul Worrell - 07.14.21

Wealth Wellness Wednesday w/Dr Paul Worrell - 07.14.21

TwoSistas on this WealthWellnessWednesday welcomed our guest, Dr. Paul Worrell.  Dr. Paul Worrell struggled with chronic back pain for 10 years before finally discovering the methods and techniques to disarm the chronic pain cycle his own stress and fear of pain were exacerbating. He dives into this ironic relationship between your fear of pain and how your body can continue "guarding" against pain, which creates more pain. Essentially, his 10-year struggle was not from the initial back injury itself, and now he is helping hundreds of patients and families overcome their own pain cycles they probably gave up on ever finding relief from.

He is a speaker, author, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, and a father to 10 children. I am reaching out to see if your team would be interested in an opportunity for him to be a featured guest on your podcast.

His book, Resolving Pain, can be found on Amazon with 5-star reviews.

"My decision to write this book was prompted by my own chronic back pain, which had been part of my life for ten years. My daily struggle with this level of pain made me empathetic toward other people who were suffering. As a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), the challenge lay before me. I knew I had to figure out how to heal myself and then I could pursue teaching other medical professionals and individuals how to heal themselves. Writing this book started with my pain and my quest to stop it. My hope is this book will encourage you to look past your chronic pain to a future of no pain and actually feeling healthy. I offer a plan that will keep your back as well as other acute or chronic pain from recurring." - Dr Paul Stephen Worrell

His vision right now is to share the incredible insights he discovered with as many people as possible.

Thank you Dr. Paul for being on our podcast today!!