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WealthWellnessWednesday with Shawnee Harlee

TwoSistas and it's WealthWellnessWednesday with our amazing Guest, Shawnee Harlee. Shawnee is a 2-time Olympian and Mindset Coach. She coaches people to Win From Within so they show up as their Best Self when it matters most. She shared today that she addresses (3) F words: FAKE, FEAR, FEEL. She believes we must stop faking it, stop avoiding our fear, and stop hiding from our feelings. How in the world can we become emotionally intelligent and self-aware when we fake, hide and avoid?
She shared with us (3) tips: wait, shift and choose. Wait is an acronym: "What am I thinking"; Shift: we must choose our thoughts so we can shift; and Choose: choose a courageous action. FACE them!!!
For more information and how to connect with Harlee, go to her website:
We can't thank Shawnee enough for being with us today! We will definitely be having Shawnee on again as our again - she has so much information to share and of course, more "F" words!! Let us know how you loved today's podcast. Please go to our website and leave us a voice message: