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WealthWellnessWednesday with Evelyn LeVasseur - 08.03.22

TwoSistas and its WealthWellnessWednesday with our guest, Evelyn LeVasseur. Evelyn is a Transformational Speaker, #Moderation365 and hormonal fat loss nutrition coach, certified group and personal trainer, and has a specialization in behavior change.

The journey to wellness is a story process. The process is often a long difficult road and when we arrive at the fork in the road, sometimes we don’t know what path to choose. It’s through our behavior that we can start the process of changing our wellness not just through fitness and nutrition but through the small things that add up to bigger things such as our “thinking” and the internal dialogue which is often a negative conversation that we have with ourselves.

Evelyn mentioned that acceptance is a key factor in loving ourselves which will help us to navigate toward a healthier lifestyle. She said that many of her clients “ . . . they equate it with giving up.” Acceptance is not about giving up!

The overall message is one of “shifting” - shifting our behavior, i.e., the negative chatter. For instance, Janis shared she cannot be trusted around a bag of chips but every now and then, she will buy them and will often put a few in a small container or baggy. She chooses to have them at certain times and when she does, she is proud that she has not eaten the hold bag (which she has been known to do.)

Evelyn explained this is a form of “exposure therapy”. Taking the negative, exposing ourselves and NOT denying ourselves of what we love!

Evelyn is the owner of Evelyn LeVasseur Fitness, a company that focuses on helping busy, overwhelmed moms reach their health goals without dieting or deprivation. She wants every woman to know she can want to change her body and love it at the same time. Most importantly, she shared that we want our children to grow to be strong, self-loving, and confident, we must be willing to live that way for ourselves. We can’t just wish better for them, we have to show them what happiness looks like.

What does happiness look like for you?

Thank you so much Evelyn! Such and engaging and enlightening conversation - we enjoyed having you on the TwoSistas Podcast!

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