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WealthWellnessWednesday with Courtney McCarthy - 08.10.22

TwoSistas and its WealthWellnessWednesday with our guest, Courtney McCarthy. Courtney is the CEO & Founder of Loyobo FIT, a virtual community dedicated to helping women to ditch diet culture, find joy in movement, and to finally figure out how to love their body.

Courtney's own journey with health and struggles around body image/weight loss inspired her to become an ACE Certified Fitness Professional. She learned the hard way how broken our views are towards women's bodies and how the formula the fitness industry presents as "the answer" keeps us stuck in a cycle of shame, guilt and self-blame.

Although we experienced many tech / WiFi issues today, we didn't let that stop us. We continue on and share what we are passionate about! We may not always agree with a particular point of view or standpoint on a particular issue with wellness in general; it’s always a learning experience and we thank Courtney for having an amazing podcast with such an engaging and enlightening conversation - we enjoyed having you on the TwoSistas Podcast!

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