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WealthWellnessWednesday - On This Day in History . . .

TwoSistas and it's WealthWellnessWednesday! This day in history 41 years ago today: On March 30, 1981 - do you know what happened? A great day filled with history, other facts and why staying away from the keyboard may be your best option. Although many tend to hide behind their keyboards, before we act, ask yourself: is it worth my energy to get my point across? As Janis mentioned, in the past she has attempted to have an open discussion on the facts while on-line - it just doesn't work out. Opinions are just that - our opinions. If you have to argue your opinion, do it in such a way that you take the higher road - not the keyboard road!
Whispers, due diligence and why Janis was yelling at her TV last night - and so much more!
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