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TwoSistas WWW with Bianca Johnson 02 02 22

TwoSistas, WealthWellnessWednesday with their amazing guest, Bianca Johnson. Bianca is a spiritual life coach that specializes in self love, self care and self healing. Her work is designed to help you reconnect to your truth, heal your inner blocks, discover your purpose and manifest your dreams.
While studying psychology Bianca was introduced to the mind-body-spirit connection, which completely transformed her life. Bianca believes that in order to live a fulfilled and abundant life we must be well in body, mind and soul; this is why her signature approach to coaching and healing is centered in mind-body-spirit teachings.
Bianca fuses inner healing techniques with positive thinking and spiritual connection to create a holistic approach to becoming your best self and creating your best life. She believes that you can be, do and have everything that your heart desires. Prior to her spiritual awakening, Bianca struggled with depression, anxiety, self hate and disordered eating, having transformed all of that she now uses her wisdom and experiences to help awaken others to their true potential.
Bianca is committed to helping you become the best version of yourself and create the best version of your life. Her work is currently delivered in online workshops, 1:1 coaching and destination retreats.
Whether you're ready for a deep dive at an intensive retreat or need a customized 1:1 experience, she can't wait to guide you in the next phase of your journey!
For more information and to connect with Bianca further, please visit her website:
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