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TwoSistas Video with Joli Knott 01 26 22

TwoSistas and today we celebrate WealthWellnessWednesday with our guest Joli Knott. Joli is a Holistic Astrologer, Reiki Master, and the founder of Bodhi Mindful. Using a variety of techniques incorporating symbolism and stories, as well as energy work that incorporates nervous system education, Joli seeks to provide a nurturing space to women seeking further self-understanding, self-development, and growth.
This life is a journey to uncovering our unique gifts. When we are in alignment with who we truly are, we extend our gifts easily to those around us and make the world a better place. And we also nurture our inner resilience so we can dance with the qi of life more effectively. And when we work to raise our individual consciousness, there is a ripple effect that will ultimately make the world a kinder, better place for all of us.
To connect with Joli, please visit her website at: www.bodhimindful.com
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