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TwoSistas Video with Alexi Bracey 01 20 21

TwoSistas on this WealthWellnessWednesday welcome their first podcast guest of 2021, Alexi Bracey, Thrive as You Age Coach at the Whole Health App. Alexi Bracey's cancer diagnosis 20 years ago saved her life by inspiring her to become educated in all aspects of good health from nutrition, a healthy environment, and emotions. With her knowledge and experience as a health coach, consultant, and mentor, and yet another life-changing experience, Alexi now focuses on maximizing a healthy brain to ward off the risks of dementia in midlife and beyond. Maintaining good brain health is essential at any age - how good is your brain health and what are you implementing in your life for good brain health? Listen in as Alexi explains the various aspects and shares her insights on simple, effective strategies.