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TwoSistas and it's WealthWellnessWednesday with our amazing guest, Kim Bilyk. Kim is a Women’s Empowerment & Sexual Health Coach. She helps women connect to their body and align their hormone health so they can be a badass in all areas of their life. Kim is author of “Womb Wisdom Journal,” which is a beautiful tool to help women continue to their womb, their cycle, and their power. Kim shared with us that it's okay to have those boundaries - putting together the puzzle pieces is never easy but it's important to tune-in to listen your body.

Kim mentioned that she shares with her clients to use a "calm container". When you are stressed and feel as though things may be imploding, think of at least (5) things that bring you joy, fulfillment and calmness such as listening to spa music (write these 5 things down) - whatever it may be for you and to go to those things when you feel as though you are stressed out and overwhelmed.

Kim also mentioned that she is running a Detox Challenge May 9 - May 13 2022 (she will send us the information on how to register for her detox.). To connect with Kim further, please click on the below links:



We can't wait to have Kim on again as our guest and are working on a night-time podcast date in the very near future.

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