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TwoSistas VIDEO 01 03 22

TwoSistas, MindsetMonday and the "first" of many!! Welcome to 2022 - how long will it take us to write out the correct year??!! Today's conversation centered around making strides to do things differently than we have before. In other words, if you decide you need to take off the holiday cookie pounds (as an example of course), don't punish yourself as you go forward and try to implement new changes in this new year. It's not about the weight we have to loose - it's about being gentle and kind to ourselves and more importantly, being brutally honest. If we want to become healthy, we must adapt a new type of lifestyle - take steps each day, create a new routine, a new momentum. It may seem hard, difficult and perhaps a bit difficult.
Many have already rushed to the gym - what if you are not a fan of going to the gym? Try looking up different workout routines on YouTube or many of our cable providers provide fitness class on demand - it's definitely worth looking into. Be subjective with your objective to gain a new healthy lifestyle and guess what, you are SO WORTH IT!! THE KEY IS IN YOUR MINDSET!
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