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TwoSistas -TrendingThursday - Happy St Patrick's Day!!

TwoSistas and we are Trending on this Thursday evening, St. Patrick's Day, 2022 - Carroll-Sue was all lit up - in green that is!! A little bit of history about St. Patrick's Day - some things we did know and some things we did. We all love a good history lesson - here is the article Janis was referring to:
Thank you of course to the History Channel - you always have to be open to learn something new!
A little more about something about something (Janis' own YouTube Channel - she is a Virtual Assistant and she shared her Bloopers Reel) - how she is learning about split clips, adding in music & sound effects.
Trending is a means or a way to go out of your comfort zone; being open to learning and putting a spin on it when the learning gets hard. What happens when things get hard for you? It can be overwhelming; be kind to yourself, know when to take a break and celebrate those milestones!
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