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TriumphTuesday - 08.02.22

TwoSistas and it’s TriumphTuesday!! A triumph is all about a type of routine that works for you. For instance, Carroll-Sue shared with us that she is doing a 31-day challenge she has established for herself where each day she is going to accomplish exercising (or movement) twice per day, ½ gallon of water and reading along with journaling. Maybe thinking of doing a 31-day challenge sounds a little overwhelming.

Janis shared to start out with a 3 ,5 or 7-day challenge. Keep a journal of everything you do in a day; find the gaps where you can add time to exercise or read; time for yourself to create a routine that works with your schedule (be real with your intentions and goals while also being gentle and kind to yourself!)

After you’ve completed the first 3-days, you might see that you can keep going with your new routine. How good will that feel??!!

We would love to hear from you - What have you triumphed over? - Share it with us! Go to our website and leave us a voice message: