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TrendingThursday @ Night with Naz De Bono - 07.28.22

TwoSistas and it’s TrendingThursday @ Night with Naz De Bono Naz is a personal trainer, health coach and the CEO and Founder of XALI. (XALI is a wellness company for women, by women. Xali is a new holistic health platform, led by emotion and intuition, designed specifically for women experiencing biological changes.)

There comes a certain time in a woman’s life where “things” start happening. As Naz describes, “it’s not menopause; it’s metaphorsis.” This became very apparent to her where she undertook to redefine and discover what so many women are going through.

Naz began her research in Australia and came up with interesting stats. There is a stigma associated with women experiencing symptoms connected with peri and menopause - about 64% of those women that participated in the research did not seek help while 21% reported ‘it was just part of getting older’ and did not know that there was anything that could help them. About 39% just felt that they would ‘live with the symptoms’ they experience.

This made such an impression on Naz; she knew she had to do something more! She started her business ReDux and just like menopause, her company went through a metamorphsis and XALI was born! A tribe of women, an evolution, a new beginning! “It’s time to reconnect to your power!”

How will you reconnect with your power?

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This is one of those podcasts that we will certainly listen to again (yes; we listen to our own podcasts!) Naz poured out her heart and soul and you know without a doubt, that if you were ever to make a change or go through a change, you have a tribe of women with you along the way!

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