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TrendingThursday @ Night - 12.29.22

TwoSistas and it’s TrendingThursday @ Night, December 29, 2022 - our 1st @ Night broadcast since around October 18, 2022. We are all about the “trends” in fitness, wellness and of course, gut health. How all of that impact our lives; well, of course!!

A look back at some of our most watched videos from YouTube and BitChute from our podcast from this past year:

Jen Hernandez (Registered Dietician & Certified Renal Specialist - broadcast date: November 14, 2022):

Clio Stodis (Former Attorney / now a Health Coach - broadcast date: August 4, 2022):

And of course, our (2) favorite podcasts with Dr. Anthony Kaveh:

May 21, 2022:

March 19, 2022:

What were some of your favorite episodes? We would love to hear from you! Go to our website and leave us a voice message: