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MindsetMonday - I AM - 07.11.22

TwoSistas and it’s MindsetMonday!! Are you worth it? Hell yes you are!! Part of the process of mindset is aligning or in most cases, realigning our focus. Our perception is often meant from being pulled in too many directions - some of it on our own; some of it not. How do we begin a healthy mindset practice? Basically, one step at a time! (Ok, yea this is great but I honestly don’t have time to take care of myself!)

We have been faced with this question ourselves and it’s taken us a long time to come up with what specifically works for us. The best of practices is just to #1 start. Look at your day, realistically and honestly. For instance, are you guilty of waking up and scrolling your social media and therefore run out of time and are running around like a maniac trying to get ready? We are guilty of this as well until we realize the “magic” of setting up ourselves for success!

Simple starting tips - (be totally honest with yourself when doing this exercise):
*Journal your day on exactly what you do throughout the day and for how long. (Do this routine for at least (3) days to really view what you are doing and for how long.)
*After the (3) days, look to see where you can clear the clutter. (How much time are you wasting?)
*Once you have completed the (3) days and have an accurate accounting of how you spend your time, if you have 15 - 30 minutes, start from there to work on your goal!

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