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MindsetMonday and the hours we sometimes waste . . .

TwoSistas, MindsetMonday and Jan's office renovation is in the works! Monday's are always the official start of a work week but we all know that the week begins on Sunday. We are always looking for creative ways to shift our perspective on mindset when we need to. In other words, sometimes derailments happen; and we are no different. It's taking what has worked, what hasn't worked and how we can improve upon our mindset to be more productive.
Speaking of being productive, have you viewed those alerts you receive each week notifying you how much time you spent on your phone with a detailed description of the hours hours added up on each "app", "social media" or "games"? It's easy to get distracted and of course this has happened to us - minor and simple adjustment - the the timer on your phone!! Be realistic, especially working from home and maybe in-between projects.
MindsetMonday continued with an update on Janis' office renovation - moving her office downstairs to why her husband Gary work THINKS he works an 8-hour day!!
What are some tools and tips you have to keep you on track? We would love to hear from you! Please go to our website and leave us a voice message: