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MindsetMonday - 06.13.22

TwoSistas and it’s MindsetMonday! We may wing it from time-to-time, fake it till you make it; however the perception that we have for ourselves and put out into the universe is often misdirected. For instance, we all have winged-it at one point or another. We don’t care too much for fake it till you make it as it already sets the foundation for negativity - it’s as though we send ourselves a message of “I am going to fail before I even begin” so when we fail or don’t make it, we are not that disappointed.

There are also exceptions with fear and fear can be a good thing. We try something, we are fearful, it doesn’t work out and that’s where the magic can begin if we look at it objectively which might lead us to where we exactly need to be - that’s a good thing!

A chat about “filtering”, being raw, real and authentic and why we won’t be filtering any time soon!

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