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FantabulousFriday - 01.06.23

TwoSistas and it’s the 1st FantabulousFriday, January 6, 2023 - and wow, what a first week it has been! Today’s show notes will be short and sweet (well, at least we hope they are!)

Our continued blessings and prayers for Damar Hamlin, his Mom, extended family and teammates. We look for the blessings & in very perilous times, such as Damar’s cardiac incident on the football field, latest reports indicate that he is continuing to improve and communicate. His GoFundMe for the charity is doing quite well and from what we hear, now in the “millions”!!

Yes; we certainly are blessed and grateful! Skin care, self care, botox, needles, reading and quilting - just some of the highlights from today’s episode. Someone is also celebrating her birthday this upcoming Sunday, January 8, 2023!!

Will leave you with this: “Every day is the best day until tomorrow.” (Author Unknown)

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