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Busting Through with Denise Wester on WealthWellnessWednesday on TwoSistas!

TwoSistas and it's WealthWellnessWednesday and we were excited to have on our podcast today, Denise Wester. Denise is a Certified Life Coach and Author of the book: Busting Through: Methods to get courageous, take action get unstuck and find your personal power!
When Denise found herself a young single mom on welfare, not knowing where they would sleep the next night, she got courageous and Busted Through to make a better life for her family and herself.
Denise's family was part of a restrictive religion to which she never felt connected. Being raised to have your future laid out, you could not dream or have choices except to be and do what you were told; that was your daily task, your future, and you were always made to feel that you never did it right or enough. So she left the religion when she was an adult and discovered her own spirituality. She has reimagined her life and feels empowered by the freedom to make choices for herself!
Denise has been through bankruptcy, divorce, multiple job layoffs, and recovered from many wrong turns and a severe car accident that took many years of rehabilitation. Life has been a great instructor, and she has experienced life-changing results herself to create a vibrant, joyful, and authentic life. She has laid out the methods and tools that saw her through these times in her journaling workbook, Busting Through.
As a Certified Life Coach, Denise is passionate about helping you overcome the stories holding you back, discovering your passion, clearing up the clutter in your life that is bogging you down, and dig deep to find the courage to take action in your life's vision.
Denise lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Kevin. They enjoy seven grandchildren from their five kids. Being in the Northwest, she enjoys riding her bike, kayaking, and camping with the family.
To connect with Denise, please feel free to email her at: denise@denisewester.com
If you are interested in purchasing her book, the below is the Amazon link for you to order:
We can't thank Denise for all of her amazing insight today and as she suggests, there are no rules; listen to the voice inside of you trying to get out!
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