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Jan. 24, 2022

TwoSistas VIDEO 01 24 22

TwoSistas, MindsetMonday and what to do when things do not go as planned - well certainly not our Monday's - when resting is an essential part of your overall wellness of feeling better. The time to heal, grow and maybe a little binge watching (Janis - "Perry Mason"). Are you…

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Jan. 21, 2022

TwoSistas VIDEO 01 21 22

TwoSistas, FantabulousFriday and it's been over a week since the "Sistas" have been together! A short recap of their week and why your wellness weighs on you sometimes more than we know - your overall wellness is that important and what's happening around you often plays into that as well.…

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Jan. 20, 2022

TwoSistas VIDEO 01 20 22

TwoSistas and it's TrendingThursday with Cristy Murray! Cristy is an Infertility survivor with 2 wonderful kids. She has a passion for helping women who struggle with infertility. (Her story and path to what she discovered about her own health to where she is today is amazing!!). As a veteran and…

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Jan. 19, 2022

TwoSistas VIDEO 01 19 22

TwoSistas, WealthWellnessWednesday with our amazing guest, Renay Roberts. Renay is a Registered Functional Nutrition & Vitality Coach and Founder of Nourish to Live Rx. She helps men and women over 40 who struggle with sleep and have low energy. She provides one-on-one and group coaching, challenges, and facilitates community wellness…

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Jan. 12, 2022

TwoSistas VIDEO 01 12 22

TwoSistas, and it's WealthWellnessWednesday with Cindy Vallone! Cindy is an Independent Wellness Advocate with doTERRA essential oils. She began to utilize essential oils about 5 years ago because as she was suffering from chronic migraines and was tired of all of the negative side-effects of prescription drugs. She was amazed…

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Jan. 11, 2022

TwoSistas VIDEO 01 11 22

TwoSistas, TriumphTuesday - one sista is in the deep freeze all bundled up and the other sista is in the south wearing a tank top! It's the little things and the big things that we triumph over. An update from Carroll-Sue on her 3-day juicing (she ordered from a company…

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Jan. 10, 2022

TwoSistas VIDEO 01 10 22

TwoSistas, MindsetMonday and it's always about the mindset, but what happens if your mindset is not in alignment with the task or goal at-hand? Write down the pros and cons; be honest with yourself. If for some reason you cannot do that something the day you planned, write yourself an…

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TwoSistas, FantabulousFriday and a recap of the week - it's a snowy day in Connecticut and a little cloudy in Florida. A chat about Betty White and her amazing longevity and how she lived her life - she is with all of the GoldenGirls now! How her mindfulness and how…

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TwoSistas, TrendingThursday and are you "listening" to what your body is telling you? We began today's podcast with a look at digital media and how the commercials on all of our devices are trending to buying into different weight loss programs etc. Don't overwhelm yourself with all of these commercials!…

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TwoSistas on this WealthWellnessWednesday with the amazing, uplifting Mary Jenkins! Mary Jenkins is a Veteran, Author, Inspirational Speaker and 2x Breast Cancer survivor who, while in active treatment turned her pain into purpose! She did this when she founded The COC, (Cancer Option Collaborative previously known as Christians Overcoming Cancer)…

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TwoSistas, TriumphTuesday and it is the 1st Tuesday of the New Year! A lot of times, the triumphs are things that we have accomplished and should give ourselves credit for; sometimes, it's the triumph of change which may lead us in a different and better direction - that's a triumph!…

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TwoSistas, MindsetMonday and the "first" of many!! Welcome to 2022 - how long will it take us to write out the correct year??!! Today's conversation centered around making strides to do things differently than we have before. In other words, if you decide you need to take off the holiday…

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Dec. 31, 2021

TwoSistas VIDEO 12 31 21

TwoSistas, Fantabulous and Happy New Years Eve!! A recap of 2021; air travel, something about SOMETHING and what's on the horizon - so much to say in the notes but it's better if you just listen in!! Wishing you all a joyous, safe, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year -…

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Dec. 30, 2021

TwoSistas VIDEO 12 30 21

TwoSistas, TrendingThursday and the top "trendz" for 2021. Google searches on topics trending for 2021 and fitness trends - yes; we had a few giggles on the "topics"!! Also embracing your wellness journey in a way that compliments YOU!! It is so important to practice wellness - as simple as…

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Dec. 29, 2021

TwoSistas VIDEO 12 29 21

TwoSistas, WealthWellnessWednesday and the heart and spirit of Christmas are still (and will remain) in full swing! As we continue to wind down in the last couple of days of 2021, we are reminded of this spirit and all that surprising an unsuspecting person brings to them, and to us…

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Dec. 28, 2021

TwoSistas VIDEO 12 28 21

TwoSistas, TriumphTuesday and a recap of some of the "things" that transpired in 2021 - some moments, happy, sad and a bit tragic, but overall we remained true to ourselves - showing our authenticity and how it all relates back to our overall wellness. Wellness through fitness and nutrition and…

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Dec. 27, 2021

TwoSistas VIDEO 12 27 21

TwoSistas, MindsetMonday and the last Monday of 2021 - Janis feels as though the last few days of the year always get a bad rap - we "wait" in anticipation for things to happen when we should take each day and make things happen! For instance, we "wait" for the…

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Dec. 22, 2021

TwoSistas VIDEO 12 22 21

TwoSistas, WealthWellnessWednesday and we are in the full spirit of the Christmas season - 3 more days until Christmas! Are you in need of a holiday gift - last minute shopping? Why not shop locally with the many extraordinary boutiques right near where you live? We are all about supporting…

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Dec. 21, 2021

TwoSistas VIDEO 12 21 21

TwoSistas, TriumphTuesday and Janis thought it was Wednesday - the days are off but the vision of the days through the eyes of children, through all of the senses, is just an amazing thing to bear witness too! A chat about things we are triumphing over, and what the verse…

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Dec. 20, 2021

TwoSistas VIDEO 12 20 21

TwoSistas, MindsetMonday and we are on the Christmas countdown!! Such an exciting time for many and especially for the children - Christmas through the eyes of our children - the best gift EVER! Christmas traditions are in high gear - the "Star" up on the hill and all of the…

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Dec. 17, 2021

TwoSistas VIDEO 12 17 21

TwoSistas, FantabulousFriday, holiday spirits, the pivots and journeys and so much more! Wrapping presents, where did the tape go and being present in the presence of loved ones! What the holidays mean to us (and so much more), old Christmas songs, new workout tee-shirt - Janis' workout t-shirt from last…

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Dec. 16, 2021

TwoSistas VIDEO 12 16 21

TwoSistas, TrendingThursday and there are (2) special birthdays today! First, Carroll-Sue's granddaughter, Raegan, a/k/a Princess RaeRae celebrates her 5th birthday and Janis' husband, Gary celebrates his 65th birthday - yes; Gary is 60 years older than Princess RaeRae! A look a family traditions with birthdays, what's happening in our world…

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Dec. 15, 2021

TwoSistas VIDEO 12 15 21

TwoSistas, WealthWellnessWednesday and we were excited to have on as our guest today, Eleanor Duelley. After successful careers as a Naval Officer and as a military consultant, Eleanor found her true passion through helping others succeed in their individual wellness goals. She has combined her previous work, education, and experience…

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TwoSistas, TriumphTuesday and we are celebrating ALL triumphs: big, small - whatever it is, we celebrate it! Many times, we don't give ourselves the credit we deserve and we really should! Although we missed yesterday with technical issues, we certainly practice what we preach - we give ourselves that opportunity…

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