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Jan. 10, 2023

TriumphTuesday with Antonella Dewell (MS, RDN) - 01.10.23

TriumphTuesday with Antonella Dewell (MS, RDN) - 01.10.23
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TwoSistas and we are excited to welcome our 1st guest of 2023 on this TriumphTuesday, January 10, 2023, Antonella Dewell.  Antonella is a Registered Dietician Nutritionist (MS, RDN) and Certified Natural Chef.  (Today’s broadcast was also simulcasted through the Wisdom Audio App.)  She is passionate about helping women with IBS find relief from uncomfortable gut symptoms - bloating, excess gas, abdominal pain, and unpredictable bowel habits.

First of all, what is IBS?  Irritable Bowel Syndrome - for many, it’s a disorder or a disease.  Either way, it’s no fun and a big disruptor of your 2nd brain, your gut.  White it can be genetic, the first order of business is to identify which foods are triggering an episode.  (Antonella goes into great detail.)

It’s important to note that IBS is chronic and cannot be cured; however it can be managed.  It’s still somewhat of a mystery and affects women more than men (2 out of 3.)

As with any food disorder, it’s important to keep a food and symptom journal.  (It does sound overwhelming but such an important part of managing your overall symptoms.)  Antonella’s overall message for anyone suffering is that there is a way to figure it out, so you can stop being anxious around food, enjoy food, and eat with confidence.

That’s what life's all about and on this TriumphTuesday, anyone suffering from IBS can still live a full and vibrant life!

To connect with Antonella and learn more about her programs, please check out her website and various other social media platforms:




In addition, please feel free to download Antonella’s “10 Steps to Beat the Bloat Guide”:


Let us know what you thought of today’s episode.  Do you or someone you know suffer from IBS?  We would love to hear from you!   Please go to our website and leave us a voice message: