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March 29, 2022

TriumphTuesday - 03.29.22

TriumphTuesday - 03.29.22
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TwoSistas and it' a Welcome Back on this TriumphTuesday after a short hiatus - we originally thought we would not be back on air until the end of the week!

As many of you know, Janis' son, Ryan Scott, suffered a life-threatening injury back on July 19, 2021.  On March 24, 2022, Ryan went through a major surgery to replace the left part of his skull.  He is doing quite well; better than expected and we are so excited that he can now move forward with his life!  Janis thanked family, friends and our viewers and listeners who have reached out with prayers and messages of encouragement and checking in with our families - truly amazing as prayers are always felt - in Janis' opinion, Ryan's progress is miraculous!

Carroll-Sue shared with us that she completed the Ultimate Thriver 12-week challenge.  Challenging:  of course!  Through adversity, traveling and the derailments that pop-up, her initial thought in doing this challenge was just to complete it - and she most certainly did, with flying colors!  The process of persistence!!

A chat about the Oscars and the aftermath - was it staged:  no one really knows but we do know this:  you are in control of how you act and your reaction to something - and if you've seen the video of what transpired, it certainly was something.

If you are trying to triumph over adversity or a challenge that you want to complete, don't wait for the right time:  start it with a firm yes; chart your course and if you need any assistance, TwoSistas is here to help you along the way!

We would love to hear from you and what you want to triumph over - go to our website and leave us a voice message: