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Sept. 22, 2022

TrendingThursday in the Afternoon - 09.22.22

TrendingThursday in the Afternoon - 09.22.22

TwoSistas and it’s TrendingThursday in the Afternoon and our first simulcast through Clubhouse!  Yes, TwoSistas - Podcast now has a “Club”!!  It’s also the 1st day of Autumn (or Fall) and it’s now officially legal to drink pumpkin coffee!!   Ahh, the sounds, tastes and smells of the new season and how time marches on much too quickly!

How the season’s catch up on us and why is there Christmas stuff out already in the stories and yes, some giggles were appropriate!!

We would love to hear from you - what is your favorite thing about this time of year?  Do you drink pumpkin coffee?  (Janis wants to know!!) -  Share it with us!  Go to our website and leave us a voice message: