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April 29, 2022

TrendingThursday at Night with Wendy Kok - 04.28.22

TrendingThursday at Night with Wendy Kok - 04.28.22

TwoSistas and it's TrendingThursday at Night with Wendy Kok.  Wendy is an Author and Podcaster (A Juice Pear Podcast) and loves interviewing creatives as well as people that have overcome obstacles.  Wendy and Janis were among several co-authors who hit #1 International Best Seller - Thriving Beyond Crisis :  Conversations with Resilient Entrepreneurs.  Before Wendy was involved with that Anthology, her new book, A Grey Resort was published.  Wendy won a award for A Grey Resort (which she describes took her 8 years to write - romantic / paranormal activity - you just have to read it!)  She recently published her new book, An Awakening during the pandemic.

Not only is Wendy an Author and Podcaster, but in her early twenties served our country in the Armed Services.  She mentioned on our podcast, oh the stories she could share from all of her experiences - we know that would make an amazing book as well!  She is also a wife and Mom to (2) sets of twins.

We had such an amazing time chatting with Wendy and can't wait to have her on as a guest again!  Wendy has a Facebook page for "A Juicy Pear Podcast" - it can also be heard on several different podcast platforms including most recently GoodPods.

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