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Jan. 12, 2023

TrendingThursday - 01.12.23

TrendingThursday - 01.12.23
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TwoSistas and it’s our first TrendingThursday of 2023, January 12, 2023!!  What’s trending?  The continuation of a 2-tier system (which should NOT be) and how twisted the classified / declassified information is being spewed.  While many news outlets, talk show hosts give their “opinions”, that is not the rule of law.  The only “one” who has the authority under The Presidential Act to declassify documents is the President of the United States!

Obviously so much more we could say and to a certain extent on today’s podcast we did just that.  New nominations for the “TwoSistas Stunod Award” and of course we nominate Joy Behar from The View.  Unjoyful Joy continues to spew her hate for 45 (and yes; we know that is her constitutional right to do so and we support that); however, she needs to get her facts straight - there is the truth and there is someone’s opinions - those are (2) different things!!

What’s trending for you and what drives you nuts about what is happening in the world today?  We always appreciate your input, your thoughts, and all of your comments!  We may not always agree but so respect your opinions!  Let us know what you thought of this TrendingThursday Podcast.  Go to our website and leave us a voice message: