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May 21, 2022

SailingSaturday with Dr Anthony Kaveh MD

SailingSaturday with Dr Anthony Kaveh MD
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TwoSistas and it's Sailing Saturday!  The "Sistas" welcomed back to their podcast, Dr Anthony Kaveh.  Dr. Kaveh was previously on the podcast on March 19, 2022.  You may recall that Dr Kaveh is a Stanford and Harvard trained, board-certified anesthesiologist, integrative medicine specialist, and physician influencer (300+k, @MedicalSecrets).  Dr Kaveh has a very unique perspective approach and shared the powers of mind-body with patients before surgery to help them uncover incredible potential during surgery.  Anesthesia can actually "open up" patients.

Dr Kaveh also shared that his patients have the benefit of optimal healing through their experiences in the operating room.  It comes down to having trust and who is caring for you when you are put "under".  As he explained, many patients can be hyper-excitable pre-surgery.  It's important to emphasize how important mindset, nutrition and fitness plays into one's conditioning going into surgery and post-surgery.

Such an amazing podcast today; a few laughs; the game "operation", what may or may not be discussed in the operating room and the optimal experience and this mysterious branch of medicine.  We can't wait to have Dr Kaveh on again!

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Anthony Kaveh, MDProfile Photo

Anthony Kaveh, MD


TwoSistas, Sailing Saturday and have you ever wondered what happens to you when you are “under”? We were so excited to have on as our guest today Dr. Anthony Kaveh, MD. Dr. Kaveh was an engineer turned doctor who empowers patients with the best kept secrets in medicine. He's a former Silicon Valley entrepreneur and Stanford/Harvard trained, board certified anesthesiologist. He's also an integrative medicine specialist.

Dr. Kaveh shared his amazing knowledge not only as an anesthesiologist but as a physician to share with his patients an integrative approach and the connection of powers of mind-body with his patients before surgery to help them uncover incredible potential during surgery. Anesthesia can actually "open up" patients.

From connecting with his patients the night before surgery to checking in with them to see how they are doing and if they have any questions to guiding them through before they are officially put under and through the process of when they are awakened. Dr. Kaveh takes that time before the patient is put to sleep to connect with them on a soulful and meaningful level.

There are not enough adequate words to describe today’s podcast! We can’t wait to have Dr. Kaveh back on as our guest! In the meantime, you can connect with Dr. Anthony Kaveh, MD on the following social media platforms:







We also want to take this opportunity to also congratulate Dr. Kaveh on the opening of his clinic - we will definitely keep you posted and let you know when he will be our guest again!

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