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March 6, 2023

MindsetMonday with Jenny Smith - 03.06.23

MindsetMonday with Jenny Smith - 03.06.23

TwoSistas welcomed to today’s podcast on this MindsetMonday, March 6, 2023, Jenny Smith.  Jenny is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach.  After a lifetime of struggling with personal symptoms and losing loved ones to chronic diseases, Jenny’s mission has become clear - to help other women in their health.

Her story began at a young age.  Jenny lost both of her parents way too soon.  Her Mom was 52 when she passed and her Dad was 61.  Each of her parents had health issues and this of course weighed heavy on her mind.  (Her Mom had breast cancer and her Dad died of a massive heart attack - he also had diabetes and kidney disease associated with the diabetes.)

It wasn’t until about 5 years ago after she and her husband and family moved to Arizona that she began to “slow down”.  Now slowing down and getting situated in a new State can be a good thing!  Jenny started to feel fatigued and began researching why she felt the way she did.  Because of her Dad’s diabetes diagnosis, she went to a medical doctor to inquire about her blood sugar and A1C.  When she received the news that her blood sugar was at 117 and her A1C was 5.6, she knew she had to take action and be willing to make some critical changes with her health!

And take action - she certainly did!  Being told you have pre-diabetes can be somewhat of a jolt.  Jenny made the connection with her health by furthering her knowledge and decided to follow her course of treatment with a functional doctor.  She then realized of course that pre-diabetes is reversible.  This began her further quest to become a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach!

From many years of experience in education and social services, switching gears became her passion!  She helps women balance their blood sugar to curb sugar cravings, gain more energy and lose weight without calorie restriction or excessive exercise. She takes a holistic approach to sustainable weight loss and believes food is medicine.  Jenny also coaches her clients to put themselves first because after all, self-are and putting yourself first is not selfish!

To learn more about Jenny and her services and to connect with her further, please check out her website and other social media platforms:





Question of the Day:  Why do you not put yourself first?

Thank you Jenny - we can’t wait to have you back on the TwoSistas podcast!  Let us know what you thought of today’s episode.   Please go to our website and leave us a voice message: