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Nov. 14, 2022

MindsetMonday with Jen Hernandez - 11.14.22

MindsetMonday with Jen Hernandez - 11.14.22

TwoSistas and its MindsetMonday, November 14, 2022, with Jen Hernandez!  Jen is a registered dietitian and a certified specialist in renal nutrition.  Jen started her renal nutrition journey working in dialysis.  It was there that Jen listened to the fears and regrets from her dialysis patients over and over.  They wished they had the information and support earlier in their CKD (chronic kidney disease) journey to prevent dialysis. It was then that Jen founded Plant-Powered Kidneys.

We normally go throughout our lives not realizing the importance of our kidneys or even thinking of our kidney health before it’s too late.  There are so many outside mitigating factors as we age gracefully such as high blood pressure, diabetes and a whole gamut of other medical conditions that weaken and ultimately lead to CKD.

Where do we even begin to understand how to ask questions that we may have never asked our health care providers?  This of course came up in conversation as Jen chatted about the different blood tests that are routinely performed but that we as a layperson do not understand.  For instance, the GFR rate which is the estimate of the kidney filtration rate.

Many of Jen’s clients that she counsels had many routine blood tests in the past which indicate that the GFR was lower than it should be.  This is where we need to be proactive; not just with our blood tests but our general health and how and when to ask those questions.

Jen’s website offers a plethora of evidence-based blogs for different stages of CKD along with free resources.  She also chatted about how to get more nutrients in the body and why many patients that have CKD often need to go on a lower protein diet.  (The show notes for this podcast really could be a novel!  Please, if you know of anyone who suffers from any stage of CKD, please refer them to this podcast.)

Thank you so much Jen!  To learn more about Jen and Plant-Powered Kidneys and to connect with her further, please check out her website and other various social media platforms:





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