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May 22, 2023

MindsetMonday with Amanda Kirkland - 05.22.23

MindsetMonday with Amanda Kirkland - 05.22.23
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TwoSistas welcomed to the MondayMindset episode, May 22, 2023, Amanda Kirkland.  Amanda is a personal growth coach / a self-professed practitioner of self-care!  Her experience and background is powerful.  Her own journey is certainly relatable.

Amanda experienced more personal, physical, and mental shifts in over twenty years than through traditional talk therapy.  She now coaches others to learn, to live (and love) their lives without "the problem" (“the shit”) they’ve been experiencing for years (because that luggage is far too heavy!)

It all stems back to mindfulness; being practical and sometimes, peeling back the onion.  That’s hard to do especially when dealing for instance with toxic dysfunctional relationships.  It’s learning to communicate in perhaps a different way and changing the dynamics.  Awareness, being part of the solution is a growth / necessity aspect of finding an impactful solution.

 If you've got the weight of the world on your shoulders, know that you can go from “toxic to terrific” with assistance from Amanda to lighten the load.  Let Amanda help you to unpack some of that shit (or those problems) and do just that!

To learn more about Amanda and to connect with her further, please check out her social media platforms:






Thank you Amanda - we can’t wait to have you back on the TwoSistas podcast!  Let us know what you thought of this MondayMindset episode.   Please go to our website and leave us a voice message: