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June 27, 2022

MindsetMonday and it's "Quotable" Quotes - 06.27.22

MindsetMonday and it's

TwoSistas and it’s MindsetMonday - funny how a quote that you come across on your digital device can impact your whole day, outlook and really can be applied to any situation.  Who said the quote, what the quote actually said and how that pertains to our everyday life . . .

In other news, not watching the news, catching a glimpse and how one little girl’s postured mindset (in our opinion) stood up to a nameless chatter box adult (and we are using this description of the adult in such a way, well, when you listen in, you’ll know who we are chatting about!)

Have you ever seen a glimpse of a quote and it just stuck with you in such a way that you wanted to share it with the world?  What was that quote?  Share it with us!  Go to our website and leave us a voice message: