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March 27, 2023

MindsetMonday - 03.27.23

MindsetMonday - 03.27.23
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TwoSistas and it’s Episode #602, MindsetMonday, March 27, 2023.  A busy weekend wrap up and how we still set the tone for our day by using our Mindset to keep us in check - that’s now always easy to do especially when tech issues occur in the middle of a live podcast and how the roller coaster keeps rolling on!  Speaking of roller coasters, our recent guest, Kellina Powell, had a very insightful take on roller coasters in her book:  Everyday I Am Just Deaf:

Life is a roller coaster; You have no control.  The only control  you have is how you react. . .  Kellina Powell

Part of the reaction may be just taking a step back to gain a different perspective which might lead you to where you want to go!  We also chatted about some funny things which have occurred to us such as “floating eyebrows” - yes; you just have to listen to today’s podcast!  Also, a look back to our very first MindsetMonday episode, May 11, 2020:


Question of the Day - What is the driving force to lift yourself up if you have a derailment?

Let us know what you thought of today’s episode.  We love hearing from our listeners and viewers!  Go to our website and leave us a voice message: