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Feb. 14, 2022

MindsetMonday - 02.14.22

MindsetMonday - 02.14.22
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TwoSistas, MindsetMonday and it's Valentine's Day!!  A very Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone!!  It's amazing that yesterday was the Super Bowl and now to Valentine's Day!  A look at how we shape our mindset and what it takes to focus - reaching a certain outcome sets the tone of our habits and vice versa.  The tasks that we perform on a consistent basis lay the foundation to support us in our endeavors.

At TwoSistas, we are starting to shake it up - tomorrow we will be broadcasting live on our Facebook page like we always do but at a different time - come celebrate TriumphTuesday, February 15, 2022 at 7:30pm EST!!

Just an FYI:  today we celebrated our 400th episode - we obviously love what we do which is sharing our passion of wellness through fitness and nutrition and everything in-between, the ups, the downs, our mindset, triumphs, sharing the wealth, trending and celebrating all that is possible! Every now and then, we bust out about "something about something which is really nothing about nothing" - or is that the other way around??!! We are not perfect and there is a story behind our stories.  Our whole mission and purpose is to be authentic and real, sometimes raw, but it's the emotions, heartaches, and celebrations that from time to time we hope that we inspire you which is why we continue and love what we do!

We would love to hear from you - share with us your thoughts, or maybe highlights from past episodes.  Go to our website and leave us a voice message: