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Oct. 25, 2022

FantabulousFriday - 10.21.22

FantabulousFriday - 10.21.22

TwoSistas and it’s FantabulousFriday, October 21, 2022.  A catch up of this past week, and those little things that add up to be a lot!  Janis bundled up in the Northeast and Carroll-Sue on the last day of her 10-Day Detox and dressed for the sun!  A chat about gas prices skyrocketing in Massachusetts, which is not so Fantabulous news as well as the CDC requiring that children be immunized with the Covid 19 vaccine.  Politics and ask yourself, are you better off than you were a couple of years ago?

You say “clown”; I say “puppet”!!

We hope you have an amazing FantabulousFriday!  Let us know how you are doing with everything that has transpired with your week.  We would love to hear from you - Share it with us!  Go to our website and leave us a voice message.

(This podcast is being uploaded on Tuesday, October 25, 2022.)