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May 20, 2022

FantabulousFriday - 05.20.22

FantabulousFriday - 05.20.22

TwoSistas and it's FantabulousFriday and show 'n tell with Janis' new piece of luggage - she also shared the inserts of "antiseptic" packages that was included - we know, TMI!  The Sistas are gearing up for their trip to California next week for their niece's wedding - Janis still does not know what she will be wearing to the wedding as she has had issues with dresses that she ordered!  

FantabulousFriday is also the day to share and celebrate all things fantabulous - have you reached your goal; were you consistent with making your bed - whatever you have strived for, worked hard at, achieved through your hard work, that's Fantabulous!!

We as always would love to hear from you!   What did you think of today's episode?  Any suggestions for traveling?  Go to our website and leave us a voice message: