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Jan. 7, 2022

FantabulousFriday - 01.07.22

FantabulousFriday - 01.07.22
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TwoSistas, FantabulousFriday and a recap of the week - it's a snowy day in Connecticut and a little cloudy in Florida.  A chat about Betty White and her amazing longevity and how she lived her life - she is with all of the GoldenGirls now!  How her mindfulness and how she always took care of herself is a testament to that longevity.  It's creating that space where you take care of you - setting a time to rest, hydrate, and getting that movement in.  Think of talking to yourself in a positive way which encourages you to move in the direction you want to.  If for instance it's about exercising, don't say to yourself, "ugh I have to exercise now" - reframe your direction and say to yourself "woohoo, time to get my healthy on - how am I going to push myself today".  

Of course, you don't have to say those specific things; it's about creating and cultivating a condition or set of circumstances where you want to be vs where you have to be.  It took a long time for Janis to realize that!

Also, someone has a birthday tomorrow, January 8th - Happy Birthday Carroll-Sue!!

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