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April 16, 2021

Fantabulous Friday with Anja Skodda from Happy Bond - 04.16.21

Fantabulous Friday with Anja Skodda from Happy Bond - 04.16.21

TwoSistas on this Fantabulous Friday were so excited and happy to have on as their special guest, Anja Skodda from HappyBond.  Anja Skodda is the Founder/CEO/Chief Scientist of HappyBond, a company that produces human grade, nutrition essentials and food products for pets and humans.  HappyBond’s mission is to extend the Healthspan of pets and make pet people happy.  At HappyBond, she leads product development and partnerships, applying her bioengineering education and experience.  

“At HAPPYBOND, we believe in Whole Health. Just like people, our pups need a healthy mind, nutritious food, and play to stay happy and healthy,” states Anja Skodda, Found and CEO of HAPPYBOND, “We worked hard to create products that will take your dog’s health and happiness to the next level. Our website is also filled with science-based knowledge, tips and advice that help owners achieve optimal emotional and social well-being for their beloved pups!” 


HAPPYBOND can be purchased online at HAPPYBOND.com, Amazon, The Healthy Spot, Petco.com and Chewy. In addition to their innovative collagen supplements, HAPPYBOND offers treats and accessories on their website.  Learn more at: https://happybond.com/.


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