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June 11, 2021

Fantabulous Friday - 250TH EPISODE!!!!!!!!!

Fantabulous Friday - 250TH EPISODE!!!!!!!!!
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TwoSistas on this FantabulousFriday - oh my gosh - we were so blessed to host our 250th Episode with former guests as well as a new member of the TwoSistas podcast family - what a lineup:  Alexander Diaz, Holly Hughes, Paul Forchione, Helen Rose, Elliott Vang, Alexi Bracey, Michele Olivier and Carolyn Warren -- so much to say about each amazing guest on today that it would take a novel - absolutely this is without a doubt, THE podcast to listen too!!  For more information on each guest, please contact Janis:  Janis.TwoSistas@gmail.com.  Thank you - to also our viewers, listeners and to all of our guests that we have had on throughout our tenure as podcast hosts.  Thank you for allowing us to share with you what we are passionate about!! 

Helen RoseProfile Photo

Helen Rose

Speaker / Author / Coach

Helen was born in Toronto in 1962. By the age of two and a half, she had been shuttled between her birth mother and various foster homes eight times before her adoption at the age of four. This experience set the tone for her entire life’s journey. She lived in rural Ontario with her adoptive family. Her life experiences and living situation had her existing in a state of dysfunction. She believes in the endurance of the human spirit and believes her journey has given her the voice to share her inspiring story with others who may have traveled along similar paths.
Helen Rose is a speaker, author, and coach known for her ability to move, educate, and relate to crowds with her motivation and humor.

Alexi BraceyProfile Photo

Alexi Bracey

Alexi experienced a life-changing moment on a recent visit to a nursing home. In the one dining
room, the residents were animated, having a lively conversation, sharing their excitement of an
upcoming trip. Down the hall, in the other dining room was total silence. Most of the residents were
slumped over in their chair, no conversation, no eye contact, a number of them had to be fed or were
eating without utensils. Many of them were younger than Alexi. They were suffering from various
forms of dementia. It broke her heart, so much that she decided to shift her focus to helping mature
people live long and die young with her vast knowledge and experience in reaching optimal health.

21 Days to Build a Habit and 90 Days to Build a Lifestyle - the common belief that it takes 30
days to implement a new habit. Recent research suggests it takes 60 - 90 days. What are some key
ways to can achieve success?

Environmental Toxins and Their Health Implications - Toxins, in our air, food, personal care
products, clothing, furniture and electronics all contribute to the toxic load resulting in dis-ease. They
include phthalates, VOCs, PCBDEs, mould and heavy metals, to name a few.

A Healthy Brain For Longevity - Diet and supplements alone will not support optimum brain health.

Paul ForchioneProfile Photo

Paul Forchione

Paul was born with cerebral palsy and it was so severe that the doctors told his mom that he would never be able to walk. Thank goodness for a wonderful mom and a great mindset that wasn’t his destiny. He was able to overcome it and is now able to live a very active life, however it wasn’t easy to get to at that point. Today as a Mindset Coach, Paul shares his story with his clients to help them overcome obstacles in their lives.

Carolyn A. WarrenProfile Photo

Carolyn A. Warren


Every woman desires to be successful and make a difference. The question each of us must ask ourselves is, how will you define success? Will you follow the current one-size-fits all success track? Or will you design your own path to prioritize and make a difference in the lives of others?

Carolyn Warren, a wife, mother, and businesswoman, found herself asking the same question. In her new book, The Woman at the Table, Ordinary Women, Ordinary Moments, Extraordinary Impact. She shares her journey to success and how the many women in her life made a difference, through everyday circumstances and situations.

Carolyn A. Warren is a leadership coach who encourages women to embrace their gifts, move beyond their fears and intentionally make a difference in the world. She lives in North Carolina, with her husband, Eric.

To join her Facebook Group which discusses her book, please click the following link: