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April 21, 2021

WealthWellnessWednesday with Alexi Bracey - 04.21.21

TwoSistas with our amazing guest, Alexi Bracey on this WealthWellnessWednesday!! Alexi was our previous guest on January 20, 202…

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April 20, 2021

Tuesday Triumph - 04.20.21

TwoSistas, TriumphTuesday and how does your lipstick look today??!! A recap of yesterday's broadcast, specifically what was on J…

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April 19, 2021

Monday Mindset - 04.19.21

TwoSistas, MindsetMonday and one of the Sisters were fired up - Janis to be exact!! We always appreciate the messages we receive…

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April 16, 2021

Fantabulous Friday with Anja Skodda from Happy Bond - 04.16.21

TwoSistas on this Fantabulous Friday were so excited and happy to have on as their special guest, Anja Skodda from HappyBond. An…

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April 15, 2021

Trending Thursday - 04.15.21

TwoSistas on a Trending Thursday - you just never know what these TwoSistas are going to chat about!! Carroll-Sue is in Daytona …

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April 14, 2021

Wealth Wellness Wednesday - 04.14.21

TwoSistas - one at Daytona Beach and the other enjoying a beautiful spring New England kind of day!! The weather is sunny in eac…

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April 13, 2021

Triumph Tuesday - 04.13.21

TwoSistas, TriumphTuesday and lots of Good Vibes!! Whatever your goal is, if it is just making your bed, if it is the BIG goal t…

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April 12, 2021

Mindset Monday - 04.12.21

TwoSistas, MindsetMonday and how do you set yourself up for success each week? Having a daily planner to your electronic planner…

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April 9, 2021

Fantabulous Friday - 04.09.21

TwoSistas on a FantabulousFriday, breaking news alerts, spring cleaning and different things we find when we are spring cleaning!…

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April 8, 2021

Trending Thursday - 04.08.21

TwoSistas Trending on this Thursday, April 8th - powerful look how outside influences and how they impact our overall wellness - …

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April 7, 2021

Wealth Wellness Wednesday - 04.07.21

TwoSistas on WealthWellnessWednesday and it's all the stuff that will effect your wellness - a look at what's happening in the ne…

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April 6, 2021

Triumph Tuesday - 04.06.21

TwoSistas on a TriumphTuesday - how do you triumph? Wins are always something to be celebrated - it's often that we don't give o…

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April 5, 2021

Mindset Monday - 04.05.21

TwoSistas and it's MindsetMonday!! A look at (2) somewhat controversial subjects that popped up in Janis' newsfeed and trying to…

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April 2, 2021

FantabulousFriday - 04.02.21

TwoSistas on a FantabulousFriday and it's all about perception and how that equates to our "perception" of MLMs, Direct Sales Mar…

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April 1, 2021

Trending Thursday with Tricia Nelson - 04.01.21 - 200th Episode!!!

TwoSistas hit a milestone today; not only with their amazing guest but we just hit our 200th Episode!! Today's amazing guest was…

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March 31, 2021

Wealth Wellness Wednesday - 03.31.21

TwoSistas on a WealthWellnessWednesday - yes; we know - try saying that (3) times fast!! Always a great chat and awesome example…

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March 30, 2021

Triumph Tuesday - 03.30.21

TwoSistas on a TriumphTuesday - always something to celebrate!! Are you setting yourself up for success? What is that one thing…

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March 29, 2021

Mindset Monday - 03.29.21

TwoSistas and it's MindsetMonday!! Do you force your Mindset or do you have practices to set your Mindset? Our choices are unl…

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March 26, 2021

Fantabulous Friday - 03.26.21

TwoSistas on a FantabulousFriday - how do you navigate through the different adversities of your wellness? When thing pop up and…

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March 25, 2021

Trending Thursday with Jelena Basrak - 03.25.21

TwoSistas (minus one today but she'll be back tomorrow!!) - with our amazing guest, Intuitive Parenting Coach, Jelena Basrak. As …

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March 24, 2021

Wealth Wellness Wednesday - 03.24.21

TwoSistas and WealthWellnessWednesday and a whole lot of something about something and of course nothing about nothing!! Always …

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March 23, 2021

Triumph Tuesday with Laura Baumann - 03.23.21

TwoSistas had an awesome TriumphTuesday with their amazing guest, Laura Baumann. Laura Baumann is a certified yoga and meditatio…

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March 22, 2021

Mindset Monday - 03.22.21

TwoSistas a little later than normal on this MindsetMonday but that's what happens when you have to pivot! A huge should out to …

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March 19, 2021

FantabulousFriday - 03.19.21

TwoSistas love to chat and what better way than to catch up on FantabulousFriday!! When tech goes awry, the pivots turn more int…

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