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Oct. 20, 2021

Ryan's Hope

Ryan's Hope

From My Point Of View - Blessed and Grateful

Ryan’s Hope

By:  Janis Melillo

Three (3) months ago today, (Tuesday, July 20, 2021) at approximately 2:00am EST, I woke up and was met w/a text message that NO parent should EVER receive:  “ . . . Ryan had a stroke and is in emergency surgery . . . “.  I screamed and panicked all at the same time.  (Ryan’s initial injury occurred on Monday, July 19, 2021 at approximately 12:50pm.)

Yesterday, October 19th, marked 3-months since Ryan’s life threatening and life altering injury occurred.  In honor of my son and to others who have suffered with the ill-effects and horrific side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, I felt that my attendance at the “Crimes Against Humanity” protest walk from Pfizer to Moderna yesterday in Cambridge, MA was not only important because my son has suffered and continues to suffer but from a standpoint from those who have suffered the same.

It is my firm belief that everything my son has experienced since taking the Pfizer vaccine is a direct and proximate result of where he is today with his health.  Ryan underwent a craniotomy to relieve the pressure on his brain; his brain was “loaded” with blood clots.  (All of the bad side effects of the vaccine Ryan also experienced when he was in the ICU.)

Those first 2-3 weeks were horrendous; to see your child suffer, to be in a state of not knowing what or why things were happening to him and to make some sort of sense as to WHY.

WHY?  One short word; many different answers.  NOW  I know the truth; I know WHY!  Although of course I cannot confirm nor specifically or medically can it be confirmed, I know WHY!  A Mother knows WHY - this MOM knows WHY!!  

Yes; Pfizer and Moderna are big pharma corporations and I am only one (1) voice - but I want to assure you that my voice was heard!  It is time we all started to NOT take for granted what is actually happening with these vaccines! 

While I continue to pray for my son’s healthy recovery, he has been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and at some point will need to undergo a 2nd surgery to replace the left side of his skull.  He suffered a minor setback a few weeks ago.  Still I pray and will continue to do so - my son is amazing!  Just looking at him, you would never know that anything so dramatic happened to him - for that I am truly blessed - truly grateful!

As I am writing this blog, I also wanted to say a HUGE thank you to my hubby, family, friends, and to Ryan’s Dad, Gerry and his wife Susan (Ryan’s other Mom!):

Gary - my rock, my hubby!  I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for you to hear me scream in the middle of the night - your comfort, support, your LOVE, I just can’t thank you enough for always being there for me and for Ryan Scott!

Carroll-Sue and John:  my Sista - the other Sista of TwoSistas.  Sometimes I think you know me better than I know me!  From the moment I made that call to you on July 20th - the calmness of your voice helped me to focus.  Your love and continued support, you’re always being there and keeping the family informed.

Claudyne and Hutch:  the other older Sista and part of the group of “Elders” (family inside joke!) - thank you for your continued love and support, the calls, messages - I just can’t thank you both enough!

Fran and Emily:  my Bro and sister-in-law, and yes, this Bro is part of the group of “Elders”!  I can’t thank you both enough - Fran, your beautiful paper flowers, I just might have to belt out “Paper Roses” one of these days!!

Vic and MJ:  my Bro and sister-in-law and the 3rd sibling to round out the group of “Elders”!  Your daily messages, phone calls, my gosh - and keeping Miss Amanda in the loop - thank you for your love and support!

Heather-Leigh, Kelly, Michael-John (Sweet Pea, and yes, I had to add that in here!), Tina and Jon, Amanda, Amy - my nieces and nephews, I love you all so much - thank you for always checking in to see how Ryan is doing!

Kaleigh, Cody (Know-The-Code), Jeddy Jed and Raegan, a/k/a Princess RaeRae - my “GRANDS” - thank you all so much for your love and prayers!

Richard, Monica, Richie, Lucia and Avelina Gargano - my amazing cousins!  From the moment I called you on July 20th, you were there for me in such a great time of need!  I can’t thank you enough - truly from the bottom of my heart, I am forever grateful!

To all of my dearest and closest friends, I think I recently said that sometimes just saying “thank you” may not seem adequate enough but I want each and every one of you to know how much I truly thank you and appreciate all of you - your continued prayers and support are truly felt!

To Ryan’s Dad, my ex-husband, Gerry Hutchinson and his wife, Susan, (and yes, Ryan’s other ‘Mom’) - thank you both as we all, the (4) of us continue to love and support Ryan Scott - we know that he has a long road ahead but isn’t it absolutely miraculous his progress thus far!!

To Ryan’s friends:  Amy, Kenzie and my gosh, so many others - thank you all for your continued support and loving and caring for Ryan - to know that he is in a place where he wants to be with so many loving and caring friends around him, as his Mom, gives me such peace - thank you!!  (Ryan’s friend Amy started a Go-Fund me page for Ryan which raised over 25k! - thank you to all who so graciously and generously donated!)\

To Ryan’s brother, (my other “son”) Brett Melillo - thank you for being there for Ryan and checking in with your Dad to see how he is doing - your love and support means the world to all of us!

To my friend and coach, Lisa Marie and her Dad, Gary - thank you for being with me yesterday!

And to all of the listeners and viewers of TwoSistas, friends of Carroll-Sue and all of you who continue to reach out with such kind words, prayers and just checking-in to see how we are doing - THANK YOU!

I am blessed and truly grateful - Ryan’s Hope!