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Oct. 12, 2021

How are you triumphing over this #TriumphTuedsay

How are you triumphing over this #TriumphTuedsay

How are you navigating through this #TriumphTuesday?

So much impacts our health, wellness and mindset that sometimes we do not take the necessary steps to be pro-active when we are in the midst of derailing from our journey.

What are your triggers and do you have tools in place to overcome, and triumph over these bumps? Are you tuned into your warning signs? Once you have developed "backup" strategies, incase your normal tool chest is out of batteries, you will be extremely proud on how well these triumphs will quickly add up.

Know the warning bells - your heartbeat is a great indicator on when you might need a timeout from what project you are doing, whom you are speaking to or one on one conversations with yourself and social media, TV or the universe. You know what I am talking about - you start having that conversation with yourself on something that totally gets you going.  Maybe your on a telephone call with a loved one and they ask you - "what's wrong".  Many can sense your off by the tone of your voice, facial expressions or lack there of.  These are signs that you need to slow down - reassess and it does not take long to have that conversation in the mirror.

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